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Do any of the basic flip phones work in the USA on roaming with a Canadian Carrier?
Unfortunately, most flip phones do not work well in the USA. There are some that work better than others, but the only phone that has worked consistently well is the FIG Flip 2 besides with Freedom Mobile. All other phones have worked in some places and others it has not worked well. For more detailed information regarding which phones have worked in which location and with which carrier please contact us.
Which Kosher Flip Phone have the option for Waze?
The Sonim XP3800, FIG, and LG Classic. The Torch Browser Free phone has Waze as well.
Which Kosher Flip Phone has talk to text?
The TCL Flip, FIG, and LG Classic. The Torch Browser Free phone has this option as well.
Which kosher phone has a warranty?
Unfortunately, there is no warranty on most phones. The Torch Phone has a 6 month warranty.
Which Kosher phone has a touch screen?
The FIG is the only basic phone with a touch screen. The Torch phone has a full touch screen as well.