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What is the Grow Phone and its purpose?

The Grow Phone is a phone with a Mobile Device Management (MDM) filter that is designed to customize device usage. Its primary goal is to regulate smartphone activity, especially for children, by blocking certain apps and content deemed inappropriate or distracting.

How does the Grow Phone filter device usage?

Through cutting edge MDM technology, the Grow Phone restricts access to specific apps, including social media and any other potentially inappropriate applications. This ensures a safer and more focused digital environment, particularly for young users.

How does the Grow Phone benefit both kids and adults?

For kids, the Grow Phone provides a secure digital space by blocking social media and other unsuitable apps. Parents can confidently manage their children's device usage, knowing they won't encounter harmful content.

For adults, the Grow Phone encourages better time management and reduced distractions by filtering out unnecessary apps. This promotes a healthier balance between technology use and real-life interactions, leading to improved focus and productivity.

What are the overall benefits of purchasing a Grow Phone?

By customizing device usage and blocking inappropriate apps, the Grow Phone facilitates a safer and more productive digital experience. Whether for children or adults, it fosters healthier tech habits and promotes a more balanced lifestyle.

How does it work?

When purchasing a Grow Phone you have the option from choosing from one of our pre-approved apps packages. If you would like to add apps on top of the pre-approved apps, please add it in the notes of your order. Only apps that are are not categorized as inappropriate will be allowed. Up to 5 additional apps are free. After that, there will be an additional $10 fee for each app. 

Can I add an app at a later date once the phone is purchased?

Yes, you can contact us and we can add an app for you. There will be a $10 fee per app.

Will the filter effect the phone service?

No, it will not effect your phone service.


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